Day 16 – Sorrento Moon

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I saw Inside Out the other day and maaaan, it really hits you in the feels. The premise of the film is basically, “What if your feeling, had feelings?” It’s a beautiful movie that screams, emotions are ok and we’re allowed to let ourselves go through the motions, whatever they may be.

I found it so interesting that the film also explores what makes a person…well…a person. This is depicted through “Islands”, basically showing the most important aspect of a persons life. So for example, you can have an Island for family, school, work and so on. Whatever it is that is important to you. The Island grows and is fed by our memories. I thought that was cool move. Depicting the most important parts of our psyche as living and evolving.

So needless to say I had a cry at some of the sad parts. It’s hard to admit that due to the fact that I am a grown woman and it was a Pixar animation.

Over a slice of pizza and my constant denial of, “Oh I didn’t cry”, I asked my movie buddy what she thought my Islands were. I was met with a slight grin and coyly, she replied, “Oh, you have an Island that hasn’t been fed yet…but it’s going to be your biggest Island and you know it…”

I knew exactly what she meant and responded, “Yup. Let’s not talk about it”, as I shuffled in my seat uncomfortably, and tried to hide the smile that was forming on my burning face.

But moving on!

“What else? Tell me! What are my other Islands?”

“Hmmmm…well, music is definitely a big one!”

Oh yeeeeeah. Music IS my Island. It’s where I go to escape. My Music Island has an insatiable appetite. It’s a hungry, hungry hippo. Forever changing and evolving.

My first experience with Music was through my parent’s collection of cassette tapes. I grew up on 70’s rock, 80’s love ballads and the occasional folk music. I remember, we had a red boombox and a whole cabinet full of cassettes. I would let my fingers rifle through my Dad’s collection of tapes and think, “Hmmm, today feels like…America…” The house would be filled with the sounds of sweeping guitars and harmonies, and I would daydream about what it was like to drive through Ventura Highway, and horses with no apparent names…

The first piece of music that I purchased with my own money was “II” by Boyz II Men. I was obsessed with them! RnB was my life at the age of 9. I grabbed the album and held it gently in my hands as if it was a friggin’ puppy. It was my precioooouuusssss…

As I weaved through the racks of CDs, I noticed an album cover that looked like this…


Yes. It was Tina Arena. Little tiny Tina from Young Talent Time. Or YTT for short. Or if you’re a nerd… At that point, the single “Chains” had already been released, and every radio station had it in circulation. I, being totally gangsta’, denied liking this song. I mean, I was all about Boyz II Men, Mariah Carey and TLC. I loved coloured pants and overalls and would collect TLC posters and try to dress like them. But in my heart of hearts, I wanted to be Tina Arena because “Chains” was the bomb.

So I bought the album. Well, my Mum did. It’s technically her purchase but like the spoilt kid that I was, I claimed it.

To this day, I still play it (Yes. I’m sorry to say I really do) and it brings me back to the beginning. When I was young, and my Music Island was expanding and evolving.

So, of course, I did a cover of one of the singles from the darn album.

Sorrento Moon is exquisite. The sound is comprised of acoustic guitars and maracas, backed with vocal layering. I think it’s actually Flamenco inspired, which gives it a pretty distinct sound from the rest of the singles in the album. It’s a simple song a melody, but it fills you up with notions of summer nights and being young again. Plus Sorrento is a pretty awesome place, so there’s that.

So in conclusion:

  • Inside Out was awesome
  • I need to practice playing the Ukulele
  • And once upon a time, Tina Arena was my musical hero


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