Day 11 – Warm Waters by Banks

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I haven’t posted a challenge in awhile, so this is just a quick cover of Warm Waters by Banks.

I love Banks. She has this really cool, no fuss, nonchalant way of performing and her vocals are just so breezy. If you want to see the real thang, click here!

Warm Waters is a pretty simple song. Verse, verse, bridge, verse, chorus, bridge and chorus  x2 to fade. Easy. The chorus turns into this echoing falsetto, which was a bitch to sing. Banks has this way of singing at a higher octave while maintaining her signature contralto. Basically, this woman is the epitome of cool. She makes it seem to easy, but trust me, going from contralto to soprano is no easy feat. The bridge sort of eases you into a falsetto, but training and just plain old talent is what you need. Or I guess sing it in a lower key but that’s no fun…

Instrumentally, it sounds like a few piano chords with an 8-bar verse and chorus. There is a subdued, almost watered down (which I do not mind at all) drum kick on loop throughout the whole song, and if you listen intently, you can hear what sounds like digitised water drops giving the song a touch of magic. It sort of reminds me of something a Postal Service song would have. I am digging it. I also just realised how much of a wanker I sound trying to get all technical. I should just focus on my eschewed interpretation of the song.

So the meaning of the song. It’s not your typical song about being in love. I think it’s about the chase. It’s about the butterflies and that overwhelming excitement you feel when you see/meet someone and think, “how you doin’…” I guess it’s also about that internal struggle that happens when you’re thinking, “Dammit, why aren’t you hitting on me? Should I make the first move?” And speaking as a lady, it all boils down to the allure that women put on when they’re interested in a dude. Playing coy and subtly using your womanly wiles is all part of the game, and this song shows that in action. Womanly wiles. It’s a powerful tool, gal-pals. Use it wisely…preferably on the right type of men…

I should probs take my own advice…

Anyway, enjoy!

I completely butchered the crap out of it. I can’t hit those high notes and the ukulele playing is sub-par if not pretty shit. But it was fun! And it’s all about having fun when your using your womanly wiles. See, I have none so I don’t really know what I’m talking about. Teach me? Anyone? Beyonce, if you’re reading this, please feel free to contact me via email.M

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