Day 14 – Sway by Bic Runga (Tipsy collab. sesh. with Keti)

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I feel like I don’t need to write an entry to accompany this cover. The song says it all. I was talking to a mate about this song and we both agree that it is amazing. It’s both beautiful and sad. It resonates. It’s timeless. It invokes emotions and feelings from the past. I think primarily sad emotions and feelings…which is not great.

So I thought I would do a cover of this song to try and give it a new meaning. The song is ultimately about heartbreak. It’s about wishing the person you love could always be there by your side. I don’t think that’s a literal meaning though. Figuratively speaking, it could just be about the general fear of losing someone, whether it’s due to distance or other circumstances. Other circumstances being that they could be right next to you, yet you feel so far away from them. It’s sad. It’s an intense song, heavy with longing. Nonetheless, it’s lovely.

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I love the original, but I wanted to try and give it a new meaning. And to be honest, I didn’t really know what I was doing. I changed the chords a little bit to try and give it a lighter sound. I even opted for finger plucking as opposed to a strumming pattern. I tried to change the progression and tried to sing it in a much higher key. Looking back, I think I was trying to make what I deemed to be such a heavy song…lighter. I tried to soothe the weariness in the song, and make it more of a lullaby I guess. In the end, my ultimate goal was to try and give hope. Hope that despite how awful things may have been, you can always give those bad memories a new life. That’s the point of it all. Making memories, whether good or bad. Giving a new, happier meaning to something that perhaps wasn’t so great is part of growing older. Well, growing as a person in general.

Anyway, I’m not sure if I succeeded! I did the cover with Keti and she kills the harmonies. Man! I want to live in her voice!You go girl! So in conclusion, here is the cover of Sway. It’s not perfect! But you know what, nothing ever is. Plus, it was just fun to sing with mah girl!

Still figuring out the meaning of it all, Margie

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