Day 4 – My Favorite Mistake, Sheryl Crow

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My parents keep telling me about this story that happened when I was a kid.
Apparently I was obsessed with this fan that we had, and I kept putting my fingers out to try and touch the fan blades as they were spinning.

What a stupid kid…

One day, the damn fan shorted out and I actually got electrocuted. So then I had this fan phobia for years. Apparently even electrical cords scared the crap out off me.
I actually don’t remember that ever happening so my parents could be lying to me. But seeing that I was a pretty stupid kid, It probably did.
Mistake, huh. I have made a lot of them. Mostly stupid ones. Some of them were huge. Like, heartbreaking, can’t function or sleep or eat kinda huge. There have been a lot of “coulda, woulda, shouldas” in my life. Sometimes I wonder if I had made the right choices.
I turned 28 a couple of weeks ago. And I guess every year I get older, I wonder if this is where I want my life to be. Then I think back to when I was 23 and realise that I am so much better as a person at this age. Which leads me to believe that the older I get, the better I am.
After all the mistakes and heartache, I’m still here. Even during the days where I thought, “FUUUUUUUCCKKKKKK, this sucks. I should have never ended it. What if I never find anyone else? Arghhhh!” In the end, time and a good group of people got me through it. I also held on to the feeling that I was destined for something better. And I was. We all are.
Mistakes. We make them. It’s part of life. We could sit and dwell on them. It’s really up to us. I choose to be awesome. And sing Sheryl Crow songs and look back and think, “God damn, I’m better for it!”
So here is my rendition of “My Favorite Mistake” by Sheryl Crow. It’s not the most perfect rendition, but damn it was fun. I made a few mistakes with the pitch and stuff, but hey, I’m going to learn from those mistakes and keep kicking ass.

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