Karaoke Challenge Day 5

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Oh geez I’m only up to day 5 hahaha…

I’ve been busy you see…not really, I think it’s just pure laziness.

Ok, so The Mamas & the Papas…what can I say about this group. They’re exquisite. The songs, the harmonies. You cannot deny the beauty.

There’s just something so breezy about their music. It reminds of driving on a long ass road, wind in your hair, the warmth of the sun on your face as you follow the haze. It’s just so dreamy.

Furthermore, if it wasn’t for The Mamas & the Papas, we wouldn’t have Wilson Phillips. That’s right, Chyna ‘Friggin’ Phillips is the offspring of two of the members. Ah music genes…

Dream A Little Dream was beautifully sung by Cass Elliot (otherwise known as Mama Cass), who sang lead vocals for The Mamas and the Papas. I think most people would know her because of the stories about her death.

Basically there is an urban legend saying that she died because she choked on a ham sandwich? I think this has been proven wrong, but I mean, what a way to go. As morbid as this sounds, I feel like that it would be fitting if I exit the world choking on a delicious ham and cheese toastie…

And on that note!

This is me trying my best to do the song proud. The sound is sorta distorted because the ukulele I’m using is basically a toy ukulele and it de-tunes as you play with it. Not making excuses or anything!


  • Anonymous

    Love the eyebrow raise at the end Margie 🙂
    Beautiful singing as per always. xx Jen xx

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