Day 8 – You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me by She and Him

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Originally by The Miracles (I think), this song is a passive aggressive way of saying, “Yo, the fact that I like you is pissing me off right now…”

Despite the aforementioned connotation, it’s a pretty song. Lot’s of repetition just to drum it into everyone that yes, whoever this person is, really has a hold on the sucker that’s uttering these lyrics.

The She and Him cover is sort of cheeky. I mean, the Goddess of “Hipster Coolness” Zooey Deschanel has a pretty smokey and airy voice, as if to say, “I’m not even trying…the awesomeness just comes naturally…I meaaaaan….”

So that fact that this version sounds slightly less desperate, lessens the idea that the meaning of this song is actually a desperate cry for help.

Despite all this, I can dig it.

I’m digging away.



Keep digging, Margie.

Over it.

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