Louis C.K, I ❤ you…(Part 2)

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I had this really cool History teacher in High School.  His name was Mr. Davies and he was unlike any teacher I have ever had because he seemed like he didn’t give a shit about students. And as a nerd, that was unknown to me! I mean, every teacher I had at that point were really drumming into me that I needed to succeed in life and rightly so! But this guy had this air of complete nonchalance about him and I felt like I had to prove to him that I wasn’t just another idiot student who was there just because I had to be.

This guy was totally misanthropic about everything and I found that refreshing. Like, I felt like he was real. And back then my idea of real was very skewed. Like, he was real because he was angry or mad or both, and that meant that he had lived and seen it all and was therefore, a far superior human being. So I admired this guy but also feared him. I feared him for a very long time and was a mute around him because I felt like I had nothing clever to say. OR, that whatever I was saying to him was moronic and he would judge me with his all knowing eyes.

Anyway, one day, during a History class, he decided he couldn’t be bothered teaching us because the other dipshits in the class were being particularly stupid that day. Then one of the dipshits asked him, “Hey Sir! Like, what’s your favourite colour and shit?” I thought, oh Jesus. Dooooon’t. Don’t ask him that! He already gave up on us! You’re going to make him give up on us more! So yeah, that question was asked and it hung in the air for about 5 awkward seconds. And because I have this thing where I have to fill awkward silences, I muttered under my breath, “It’s probably black…like his soul…” Huh? Who says that? Me. I says that.

To this day, I still have no fucking idea why. I don’t know what part of my brain that came from. I don’t remember how long the silence was that came after, but it was long enough for me to create an escape scenario in my head! My body wanted out of there! I pictured this kid pulling a fire alarm and then sprinklers going off and then everyone having to evacuate and like, covering their heads with textbooks. You know, like in Saved By The Bell? Or any other generic teen show/movie.

Anyway, as I was going through my internal hell of ‘fight or flight’ scenarios, in the distance, I hear a roaring laugh. It was like, bellowing somewhere from my right and I realised it was from Mr. Davies. He was laughing! From that day on, I started talking more in class…

So during another class, where he had given up again, I started a conversation with Mr. Davies about TV shows. I asked him what his favourite shows were and he said, “Errr, I don’t really watch TV.” And that blew my mind because TV was awesome! And I said to him, “What do you mean you don’t watch TV? You must like one show at least.”
“Well I like Seinfeld, I guess.” Good answer, I thought, because I liked Seinfeld too! I felt an intellectual connection. Hahaha! How arrogant of me…
“Sir, why do you like it so much?”
“I like that it’s not really about anything.”
“But, it’s about a group of friends. So yeah, that’s something…”
“Well, I like it because it doesn’t follow the cliché TV show structure of a family. I don’t know. I like that I don’t know what’s going to happen and that’s exciting to me. Family shows are structured. Seinfeld is great because it doesn’t have to follow any structure. It can go anywhere.” (I don’t remember his exact words but I remember it went something like that. Just incase anyone was wondering, “You remember his exact words?” I don’t, so just trust me in this one, ok?)
“Umm, ok…yeah I guess…so what’s going on be to exam? Like, can we talk about the Cuban Missile Crisis now please…”

I don’t know why, but that conversation just resonates. And after 10 years, I finally get it. I get it with Louie…

And really, I am late to this party. This show began years ago and the latest season happened last year. Where the fuck was I? Seriously, I’m so angry that I wasn’t aware of this show early on. How did I miss this? Ugh. Oh well, I’ve done all the seasons now and the new one is happening next year. So I’ve caught up and it is all good!

There aren’t enough words in my vocabulary to describe how amazing this show is to me. There just isn’t. I feel like the only way I can convey my emotions is through a song and interpretive dance number. But I’m not prepared to do that, so I will try with words…

*Also, I am obviously not an authority on how TV shows have to be or whatever. Like, I didn’t study it, nor do I have enough information on why TV shows are the way there are. Basically, what I’m saying doesn’t even matter in the greater scheme of the universe, so you should probably stop reading now because I can’t reimburse you the 5 minutes the you will waste reading the crap below…but if you have 5 minutes to waste, then by all means, please waste it on me :)*

Louie, is brilliant. I feel like this show is an amalgamation of everything that is wonderful and tragic about life. It’s very human which is what I love about it.

In essence, it’s supposed to be a comedy. It’s loosely (very loosely) based on the life of the comic, Louis C.K, whose life (in the show) is frankly, down the toilet at the moment. After finalising his divorce, he is now faced with the fear of being a single dad, sharing custody of his two young girls with his ex-wife, while being thrown back into the depressing and sometimes bleak world of dating.

That was a very simplistic description of the show. Trust me when I say that it is so much more than that.

The show usually starts of with a Louis C.K doing standup (like Seinfeld), and then moves on to something that may be related to the topics that were present in the initial stand-up bit…or not. It doesn’t seem to matter! Continuity is not that pressing to this show and I believe that’s like, a no-no to the traditional TV show structure. Well, Louie doesn’t do that. The show feels like it’s a series of beautiful short movies. Many of the episodes have two completely different story lines within the one episode. However, there are consistent themes that weave through the episodes like a thread, connecting what seem like segmented bits of narrative, into one rich and exquisite patchwork blanket of pure genius.

Themes such as being a single dad and coping with a broken family is heavily explored. Depressing, I know. But this is done in such an honest and humorous way that you can’t help but laugh. It’s hard to watch because it’s so raw and almost cringe worthy. You see the struggles of an average guy, trying to get his kids to school and dealing with PTA meetings and having to interact with other parents. Most of them also single. All of them crazy! Because parents are crazy! All parents are crazy in their own way and this poor guy is surrounded by them. I’m assuming that while he was married, his wife did all of the boring stuff. It’s hilarious to watch his culture shock as he enters this new phase of being a hands on father.

The fact that he has daughters too is really interesting to watch. Seeing the way he deals with them when they are having some kind of emotional girl problems or just being little spoilt assholes (his words, not mine!) is really compelling.  Compelling? Yes, I will use that word. I mean, I don’t have kids but I feel like I would be that kind of parent. I mean, kids are frustrating. I’ve done my fair share of babysitting. A kid spat on me once and I have never recovered from that. It’s like a part of me died when a 3 year old spat on my face. That shit will scar you. Your own kids suck sometimes but you know, you love them nonetheless. They’re yours. You made them and now you are responsible for making them not suck as adult humans.

One of my favourite scenes from the show involves his youngest daughter. I couldn’t find a clip on YouTube so I just recorded this from my laptop so the quality is blerg. Also, It’s illegal! I’ll let it speak for itself…


Right!? I feel like I would totally do that. I mean, all my information on what it’s like to be a single dad with young daughters comes from Full House, which was a classic, but come on! When you’re kid is acting out, most of the time, there is no Uncle Jesse to sing him/her a happy song while an Olsen twin says something cute and funny and everyone laughs and says, “Oh boy! What a day! All problems have been solved!” Cue laugh track. Audience applause. Fade out into an aerial shot of the Golden Gate Bridge while the theme tunes carries out the final scene. I’m 100% sure that THAT doesn’t happen in real life. Like, it’s cute as hell, and Full House was what it was because of that kind of thing, but it just seemed so shallow. Cheap laughs. Actually, canned laughs…

So fatherhood is one central theme of this amazing show. The other important central theme is luuuurrveee (that’s love for those who can’t read “stupid moron script”), which, not surprising to everyone, is my favourite theme ever.  EVER!

I’ll ramble on about this for part 3. Yes, there will be a part 3. Maybe even a part 4. This could be a 6 parter! I might Star Wars the crap out of this blog. Who knows?


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